the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Awesome! Here are the 2 Latest Trailer of the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Mobile Game

Last month, FajarYusuf.Com posted an article that the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor MMORPG Game had opened pre-registration. And in this latest article, Kakao Games, and XLGAMES developer have just released 2 new trailers about this MMORPG mobile game. You can see in the video below:

Seen in the trailer, XLGAMES and Kakao Games display various footage of the skills for each class / job that will be present in

the game.

Players can use damage dealer roles such as Archer & Wizard, role tank like Paladin, and also role fighter like Warrior and Sculptor. Both jobs display several scenes and effects that can be obtained when doing a raid dungeon, PVE, and PVP combat in the trailer.

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor game was adapted from a popular novel in South Korea, and to date has reached more than 3 million registrants for pre-registration.

This game is planned to be released on October 10 for Android and iOS. So let’s just wait for this game to be officially released later on the AppStore and Google Playstore!