A New RPG Mobile Game Titled Wizardry VA Is In Developmen

At first this project was announced for the first time in November 2020, the developer has finally announced the release date for the mobile RPG game entitled Wizardry VA. This announcement was announced by Drecom, as the party working on this mobile RPG game project.Wizardry VA is the newest game in the Wizardry saga series, but for this version Drecom is involved as the project holder. A mobile game with the dungeon RPG genre and has an adventure concept that players can possibly imagine.Drecom announced that this 3D mobile RPG game will open access in 2022. For Android and iOS, it will be opened simultaneously and it can be ascertained that this mobile game will be officially available globally. It is rare for a mobile RPG game like this to immediately open a global server.
Fajaryusuf.com Wizardry VA
For players who don’t know, the game Wizardry saga is indeed very well known for several in-game problems. Among them, namely, a brutal story, characters die easily, at least save points or check points and an unfair PvE system.The Wizardry Saga was once known as a game genre that always made players quit and had difficulty completing this game. We really don’t know how the gameplay of the Wizardry VA game is, and whether it still makes the player do the rage quit or has it been adjusted again by the developer.

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