A3: STILL ALIVE Has Been Released Globally In AppStore And GooglePlay

Netmarble Corp has officially released a game with a beautiful dark world filled with discord, conflict, and chaos by presenting the latest mobile game titled A3: STILL ALIVE, the newest Dark Fantasy Open Field RPG which can be downloaded on the AppStore and GooglePlay in every country, because A3: STILL ALIVE releases globally.

A3: STILL ALIVE provides a cross-genre mobile gaming experience that combines the huge world of Open Field RPG with extreme Battle Royale combat. Set in an end-time fantasy world with swords and magic, players must be prepared in the Player vs. Player (PvP) who always occurs wherever they are fighting enemies in agile and agile battles to find strong equipment.

Players can try skills in various PvP and Player vs. Everyone (PvE) includes Conquer Battle, Raid, Dark Presence, and World Boss. To perfect the extreme combat in-game, A3: STILL ALIVE comes with beautiful 3D graphics and amazing console quality thanks to the outstanding Unity Engine optimization.

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“A3: STILL ALIVE continues Netmarble’s tradition of releasing high-quality and dynamic mobile MMORPGs filled with stunning graphics and trending core gameplay for future mobile games,”

said Joong Sun Chang as Executive Producer of Netmarble.

Players can enjoy the following in-game:

  • Five types of strong classes, from Berserker (Physical Melee DPS), Templar (Magical / Physical Tank), Mage (Magical Ranged DPS), to Assassin (Physical DPS), and Archer (Ranged DPS).
  • The flawless combination of Battle Royale Mechanic and Open-Field Exploration, gives players the opportunity to develop their respective heroes through active Battle Royale matches while doing Auto Battle in the Field, with a variety of high-quality equipment to collect in both modes.
  • More than 201 Soul Linkers, unique characters that offer various advantages and are able to actively accompany players to fight, collect, train, and fight enemy and Boss tactics.
  • In addition to the ever-open PvP arena, players can fight in Dark Presence, 100 vs. 100 Field-based which takes place across all services. In this battle, players must work together and exchange strategies between factions to rise to become the strongest warrior among them all.

To celebrate the release of A3: STILL ALIVE, Netmarble offers various offers for players:

  • Pre-Registration Rewards, thanks to players around the world, the following will be unlocked upon release:
    • 200,000 Gold, 100,000 Mana Stones, and 60 Topaz
    • 1 3-star Hannemorin Soul Star
    • 1 Heroic Armor Lv. 60
  • Release Celebration Event
    • Server Release Celebration Check-In Event: Provides a rare 5-star Soul Star Selection Box and various other rewards.
    • First Purchase Benefits: After the first purchase, players have the opportunity to get Special Ancient-grade Weapons and other rewards for the next 3 days.
    • Benefits of Each Level: Players can receive rewards when reaching a certain level. For a limited number, players who reach the first level can also receive additional rewards.
    • Diamond Use Event: Get rewards such as the 6-star Chotaring Soul Star based on the use of Diamonds.
    • Starter Guide Mission: Get Medals after completing missions and exchange them for attractive rewards for 7 days.

A3: STILL ALIVE has been released globally, now it can be downloaded on the AppStore and GooglePlay for 172 countries around the world as a free to play game with IAP (In App Purchase).


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