Ace Ping Pong: Grand Slam Officially Released By BlueGames

BlueGames has officially announced the release of their new mobile game, the game is titled Ace Ping Pong: Grand Slam. Players who are interested in this game can now download directly through the AppStore or PlayStore.

Ace Ping Pong: Grand Slam is a fantasy sports game based on table tennis. Players can participate in real-time competitions with friends or keep using single player AI mode.

Ace Ping Pong: Grand Slam gameplay

Ace Ping Pong in-game features:

PVP [League] with players from all over the world: 1 vs 1 match Real-time with players from various countries! Prove your team's skills through league matches!

Destroy boredom with Live Events: From simple to extreme objectives! Complete the objectives and get attractive prizes through the "Live Events" mode!

Reach for the stars! PVE: Explore space in an ongoing adventure! Lead the team and be the best in all the spaces with just the touch of a fingertip!

Fantastic Smashes and Unique Skills: Experience smash with your fingertips through the use of skills ranging from serve, drive, cut, and strong smashes!

100 different costumes and accessories: decorate charming characters! Choose characters and accessories to create a unique team that can only be found in Ace Ping Pong: Grand Slam!

Publisher: Blue Games Inc.

Download: Android PlayStore, iOS AppStore

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