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Action Taimanin Opens Pre-Registration, Adult Action RPG Game!

Gremory Games has officially announced a pre-registration event campaign for their latest mobile game which will be released soon, yep Action Taimanin – Near Future Shinobi Battle.

This anime mobile action game was first announced in 2019, Action Taimanin is an action RPG mobile game adapted based on the Taimanin Asagi series. Based on information on the AppStore, the global version will be released in November 2020 this year and will also be released on the Steam platform.

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And for the Japanese version this game has a content rating of 18+, which is indeed the character art style of this game that is quite close to the ‘Adult’ element, and it looks like there will be a difference for the Japanese version and the Global version of this Taimanin game.

Pre-register now to unlock various in-game prizes as below when this mobile game is officially released!

Pre-register on Taimanin’s official website, click HERE


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