AFK Arena: RPG Turn Based Game, Game Anti Bored!

It looks like the developer of Lilith Games already provides a mobile game that can be played with a simple, lightweight, and has a gameplay interesting, and supported by a riveting storyline.

Games that have the name AFK Arena is a game genre RPG with a battle system turn-base, you can play on device IOS and Android.

Afk arena gameplay

For those of you who want to play a game this can directly download through the AppStore and GooglePlay Store .

For the story in this game is quite unique, you will feel as if he were reading a story book that focuses on the background every existing heroes.

Afk arena gameplay 2

In total there are over 30 heroes that you can choose, which consists of four Class Heroes, which Wilders, MaulersGravebornMummy,and Lightbringer .

The gameplay in this game is quite simple to play, which in addition is designed with a vertical display that allows you to play while lying down and using two fingers, this game will run an auto when battle.

However, this game will have a challenge section leveling heroes and to get the equipment, you must be diligent to pass grinding to get the item and improve the level of character.

Afk 3 gameplay arena

When battle, you are required to prepare party members consisting of six people, where each character will have animation skills are stunning when you touch icon heroes when the battle took place.

As the name suggests AFK Arena, will continue to progress when you're AFK of game. And can be interpreted, when offline, the heroes of yours will keep struggling pass grinding to obtain a variety of expand items that you can use to strengthen the party.

With all the above advantages, AFK Arena into a game that is very simple but has a challenge that would make you want to linger to play this game.

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