Alchemy Stars Releasing Illumina Federation Trailer And Twitter Event

Game RPG-strategy Tencent Games which will soon be released, Alchemy Stars, which is planned for release this summer for the platform iOS and Android now has gained a new trailer. The trailer aims to provide an overview of the Illumina Federation, one of the six factions in Astra.

Tencent Games has also announced a special pre-registration event “The Alchemy Stars Express” for players. This event will take place from May 4, 2021. Players will embark on a virtual tour by riding the Alchemy Stars Express on Twitter. In addition, players can also open various kinds of luxurious gifts, including Googleplay cards and GiftBox Alchemy Stars.

Illumina Federation trailer

Stories around the planet “Auroria”. Auroria is an eternal equinox planet, which is unique in that it is always day on one side and always night on the other.

On the border between day and night, “Astra” is located there. It has moderate temperatures, a diurnal cycle, and sufficient rainfall for early human descendants.

There are six factions in Astra, and the first teaser trailer will tell you about a faction named “Illumina Federation”. Players can find out more about the Illumina Federation in the trailer.

The other five factions, such as “Umbraton”, “RW”, “Hidden Realm”, “Eraveil”, and “Lumopolis”, also have their own unique characteristics and will be introduced in the future.

Pre-registration event on Twitter: Alchemy Stars Express begins

This event is a Twitter event that provides an overview of the six factions of the Astra Continent in Alchemy Stars. This event is an online train journey that is updated on Twitter. It will definitely be interesting because players can visit a different station (faction) every week during the event. Players can get more details about the characters, roles and main roles of each state. Apart from that, players also have the opportunity to find characters and get character postcards every week.

Take the Astra Continental Express “Alchemy Stars Express” and depart with Vice, for an adventure into the unknown world of Astra!

Alchemy Stars illumina federation Twitter train event

1.) Astra Continental Express “Alchemy Stars Express” and Tickets Released!

“Alchemy Stars Express” is a virtual concept train that players can use to explore the Astra Continent.

Tencent Games released the conceptual image of “Alchemy Stars Express” and a commemorative train ticket on the official Alchemy Stars Twitter on April 30th. Players can get a unique CDkey from the ticket that can be used in the game.

Check the official Twitter page and keep the CD key until it’s available.

2.) Train approaching first stop: Illumina Federation

Illumina is located in the underground city, Gannon. It is a wonderful land that showcases a fusion of ancient and modern technology.

3.) Character encounter event

  • This event takes place on Twitter starting May 4th.
  • Choose an option below and tweet to get a different response (different character postcards)
  • To collect postcards, players must select a character from the weekly character recognition tweet. After the player selects a character option, a tweet will be generated and they will receive their character postcard.
  • Each time the player collects a character postcard, they will enter and stand a chance to win a GooglePlay gift card worth $ 25. At the end of the six week pre-release event, players who have collected 6 postcards and shared them on Twitter using the event hashtag will be entered to win a limited edition Alchemy Stars gift box.
【Alchemy Stars】「Illumina」Affiliation Unveiled!

Pre-registration: GooglePlay or AppStore
Official Twitter:


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