Alchemy Stars RPG Game When AI Becomes God in Aurora World

Cassival gradually takes over most of Aurora and modifies the life forms on it according to his own desires. The early human counterattack caused a massive explosion of the planet’s core, directly impacting the rotational speed and orbit of Aurora, ultimately causing it to succumb to the gravitational pull of the sun. The intense seismic motion rocked the entire planet, destroying nearly all creatures. The next EMP storm also cripples super AI. Eclipsites survived, thanks to their genetic advantage and extraordinary evolutionary leaps.Years later, Aurora gradually became a stable planet with an eternal equinox. As many habitats began to form around the edge of the twilight, early human offspring also emerged.

Aurora world

Aurora is an Earth-like planet with a very advanced human civilization. Due to the orbital changes caused by the war, Aurora is finally pulled towards the giant star, “Sun”. Under the scorching sun, one side of the Aurora is always daytime filled with extreme heat from volcanoes, flowing lava, and routine seismic activity. The other side of the Aurora is shrouded in eternal darkness and frozen with glacial masses. Only the area around the edge of the twilight has a diurnal cycle and a temperate climate.The largest known continent in this world is the central mainland. Astra is located west of the mainland and is a subcontinent.

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