Angel Squad RPG Game Planned to be Released on June 9th

After starting the open beta and pre-registration phases two months ago, Lyto Games as the developer of Angel Squad has finally announced the official release date. Angel Squad is currently the most anticipated mobile RPG game by players, it is planned that this game will be released this year, with great enthusiasm this game must be released soon.

Lyto Games has officially announced that Angel Squad will be releasing on June 9th, which means 2 days from now. Before the release later, there are still opportunities for players who want to pre-register to get various release prizes, so don’t let you not pre-register.

For players who don’t know about this RPG game, Angel Squad is a shooter-RPG genre game that has an anime character design style. There are various characters, the majority of the characters in this game are anime girls. If you already know the story in this game, you will know why.

angel squad release date

Angel Squad is a mobile game that is very suitable to be played by players who like the RPG genre, and also players who like anime. In this game, players can interact with various female characters, even invite them to go on a date or take care of their dorm.

However, don’t get me wrong because this game is not a slice of life simulator game, Angel Squad is an RPG shooter game. The female characters in this game are the main weapon of mankind to fight against the attacks of alien forces. The task of the player in this game, apart from being a nanny for the women, the player must also strategize and use the characters to win the battle.

There are various choices of characters in this RPG game, each character has different abilities, specializations and classes. Just like mobile RPG games in general, players will be given many choices regarding the characters to be used.

June 9 is the Angel Squad release date that players have been waiting for, because in just a few days this mobile game has reached 100,000 players. Lyto Games must be able to present the expectations of the players in this new game.

Source: GooglePlay


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