New Anime Style Mobile RPG Game, Horaku No Carneades

Every day there are lots of new mobile games released on the market, because it is currently a popular mobile game being played.

Now there is a new game that uses cards with the RPG genre, yep this game titled Horaku no Carneades which will be released for Android and iOS.

This game developed by CoCoRond developer is a roguelike RPG game that uses card gameplay, players must use their strategy to complete the stage at hand.

Horaku no Carneades tells of the protagonist who fell into the world of Carneades after hearing a voice from a mysterious creature.

Equipped with curiosity about themselves due to amnesia, players will explore the world of Carneades along with 2 other people.

Gameplay of this game uses cards to attack enemies, players must build their decks through existing cards and get them.

Horaku no Carneades

That’s why playing experience is needed, to find out the mechanics and the effects of existing cards will be needed to win this game.

How players arrange decks, and use cards to produce maximum damage will be very necessary in playing the Horaku no Carneades game.

Unfortunately this game is still released in Japanese only, but you can still download and play it now on Android and iOS!

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