AOTU World Mobile RPG-Strategy Game Officially Released!

GaeaMobile has officially announced the release of their new anime-style mobile strategy-RPG game entitled AOTU World. Players from the SEA region can now download this mobile game from the local GooglePlayStore.Aotu World is a strategy-RPG mobile game adapted based on the Chinese anime series, 凹凸 世界 (Aotu World). Aotu World uses a tile-based board battle system, where each tile determines the player character’s actions. With various classes, there will be a variety of attack styles, skills, and even personalities. If players want to show intelligence in a game, then the combination of strategy and thrilling battles of Aotu World is perfect for players to play. AOTU World game
One of the interesting things about this mobile game is that players can customize and design characters with lots of trendy and colorful clothes. If the player likes the “style” that the character plays, the player will definitely feel at home for a long time playing this game.So what are you waiting for, immediately try playing an anime-style strategy game with RPG elements in this game, prove that you are very good at strategy game battles, download immediately at the link below.Publisher: GaeaMobileDownload: GooglePlay===

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