Apex Legends Mobile Will Start New BETA Test In September 2021

Good news for players who haven’t tried the beta test of the battle-royale game Apex Legends Mobile last month, this is because there is a new BETA test that has a planned release date soon. Previously, Respawn had released some details about the Apex Legends Mobile beta which will be held in September 2021.

Respawn has announced this new BETA test on Twitter, they will release a new Beta test version for Apex Legends Mobile in September 2021. Although the exact release date of the Apex Legends Mobile game is still uncertain, but we can hope that Respawn will host a BETA of this game. at the end of September if you look at the previous Apex Legends Mobile BETA release date.

apex legends beta test

“In September, #ApexLegendsMobile will kick-off its next phase of closed beta tests in Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. If you’re from these countries, head to your local Google Play store page now to pre-register for access to the closed beta”

This time, it’s not only regions that have previously received beta access (Southeast Asia), but this time, Apex Legends Mobile will release a BETA test for the regions of Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. So don’t worry for players who didn’t get to play the Apex Legends Mobile game before, because you will still have the opportunity to try it next month.

Source: Respawn


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