Arc The Lad R Global Version Officially Released, Download Now!

Boltrend Games has officially announced the release of the latest version of their global mobile game titled Arc The Lad R. Players who are interested in this RPG-strategy game can now download it from the local AppStore or GooglePlay.

Arc The Lad R is a sequel game to the original Arc The Lad series. The story in this mobile game starts 10 years after the events in Arc The Lad 2, so those of you who follow the storyline of this game series should definitely try playing the newest game.

Arc The Lad R is a simple RPG-strategy mobile game that is played in portrait mode. Players must attack the enemy strategically using each character’s unique skills and order them to attack from all directions, from the front, side, or behind the enemy, this can give extra damage. 

Arc the lad r global version

FajarYusuf.Com still hasn’t played the original Arc the Lad but even so this mobile game is very fun to play seeing characters constantly jump over enemies to get the advantage when positioned behind the enemy.

Since this mobile game was first released in the Japanese region in 2018, many features in the global version of Arc the Lad R are outdated from the Japanese version, such as the user-interface, upgrade char, and the quest system will be a little outdated compared to the game. the Japanese version which was released 2 years ago. If you remember the Japanese version of this game, many players are impressed by the cutscenes and bubble dialogs in the in-game. However, it’s now 2021 and cutscenes without voice-actors might disappoint some players. The good thing is, players can now skip the cutscene!

For players planning to reroll, there is good news, because players will get Gacha twice on summon x10, so download the game now!

Arc the Lad R Gameplay Display

Publisher: Boltrend Games

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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