Arc The Lad R Opens Pre-Registration Event For Global Version

Boltrend Games has officially announced a pre-registration event for their mobile game entitled Arc The Lad R English version which will be released soon. This mobile game is planned to be released in May 2021!

Arc The Lad R is a sequel to the original Arc The Lad series. The story begins 10 years after the events in Arc The Lad 2. arc the lad r

This mobile game combines various elements of tactical combat, adventure, and roleplay to convey a unique gaming experience found in the classic Japanese SRPG genre. By strategically using the hero’s exclusive skills and ordering them to attack from either the front, side, or behind the enemy, players can gradually accumulate profits until victory! The controls in this mobile game are intuitive, players only need to tap and swipe on the vertical screen.

Pre-register for this mobile RPG game now to get free gems and 10x Gacha summon tickets!

Pre-registration click HERE .


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