Arena of Valor: World (Honor of Kings: World) has been announced!

As in November 2020, Tencent Games announced several Spinoff projects for the Arena of Valor game , also known as Honor of Kings (王者荣耀) in China. Apparently, this Spinoff will not be the MMORPG game that was rumored according to Tencent before.

Because Arena of Valor: World (Honor of Kings: World) was officially announced a few days ago, and is an Action-RPG game. While the platform that will be provided is currently unknown, it is likely that this game will be Crossplatform between PC and Mobile. The Arena of Valor: World (Honor of Kings: World) teaser website does not mention Timi Studio, the Tencent subsidiary that created Honor of Kings (王者荣耀).

Arena of Valor World Honor of Kings World

According to official details, Tencent is currently recruiting 4 major cities to develop this project into a reality, including Chengdu (27), Shanghai (33), Hangzhou (21), and Tokyo (11). According to a note from the developer stating that they want an eastern feel in Honor of Kings: World, which means not only from Chinese culture, but also from Japan!

The developer vacancy post revealed that Arena of Valor: World will be developed using the Unreal Engine. It’s also confirmed that several Eastereggs have been included in the Honor of Kings game regarding this World game!

Honor of Kings: World 王者荣耀: 世界 - Official teaser trailer


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