ark legends game gameplay

Ark Legends beautiful RPG-3D game start pre-registration

Ark Legends is the latest game from Melting Games, Ark Legends is a 3D Adventure-RPG game that is displayed with beautiful graphics with smooth motion, this game is now available for pre-registration for iOS and Android through the official website.

Besides being a visual treat that is beautiful to the eye, Ark Legends also has an interesting narrative story about mystical technology, warring nations, and a brave young champion who holds the secret to save the world from destruction. Players will assume the role of the champion, traveling to various countries to help restore peace while also defeating the villains who want to bring down Ark.

To do so, players need help, help will come from other like-minded heroes, and they can be recruited from different areas of the game to form 5-hero teams.

ark legends game gameplay

This game has more than 60 characters who have unique Skills so that the combination of characters is very important, players can form teams based on each hero’s unique Skills and synergy is the key. In addition, there are 6 factions in this game, there are many things to consider. Each faction can have strengths or weaknesses against the other, and that’s something to take into account when venturing into Raid Bosses or more difficult battles.

Ark Legends is currently available for pre-registration, and also offers a number of pre-registration rewards depending on the number of players who register.

Pre-registration: Ark Legends official website

Welcome to Ark Legends!


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