Ark Legends various prizes Pre-Registration event

Ark Legends provides various prizes in the Pre-Registration event

Pre-registration has now officially started for Ark LegendsMelting Games‘ newest RPG. Players who register for the pre-registration campaign on the official website can get a variety of cool in-game Items upon release, as well as take part in Amazon gift card sweepstakes and Airpods up for grabs.

The Ark Legends pre-registration campaign is open to iOS and Android players with Milestones rewards, including Gold, Energy, Iron Core, Hero Summon Chests and Rare Iron Core. And there is an Invite event too, inviting a friend into the game will give you a free raffle.

Ark Legends various prizes Pre-Registration event

In addition, the Content Creator event is still ongoing, allowing players to participate in creating real game content. Since starting in December 20221, this program offers players the opportunity to test this RPG game and chat with the developers. Players can still register to join this event to get exclusive in-game Items or real-life rewards.

New content for Ark Legends is daily login mission, more items and rewards from Dungeons, Special Chance Up Event, Bingo event, etc. If you want to join the battle of this game, you can visit the official website to find out more about Ark Legends.

Pre-registration CLICK HERE

Welcome to Ark Legends!


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