Attack on Titan Brave Order gameplay pre register

Attack on Titan Brave Order gameplay, Pre-register now!

Enish has officially announced a pre-registration campaign event for their newest mobile game which will be released soon, yep, this game is titled Attack on Titan Brave Order (進撃の巨人 Brave Order). Along with this pre-registration announcement, Enish has also published the first Promotional Video for JRPG games.

Based on the video trailer, this AoT mobile game looks like a game with turn-based combat that has a strategy for co-op against raid bosses, and with Chibi‘s cute 3D style-art.

Attack on Titan Brave Order gameplay pre register

Players can now pre-register for the Attack on Titan Brave Order and unlock up to 1200 Gems which will allow players to summon 10x later.

More information & Pre-registration: AoT Brave Order Official Website

『進撃の巨人Brave Order』【ブレオダ】PV


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