attack on titan tactics

Attack On Titan Tactics Will Be Released Globally

After being released last April, the game developed by DeNA under the official title Attack on Titan Tactics will soon release a global version.

The game that will present Eren’s adventure in eradicating the titans will have gameplay like Supercell’s game, Clash Royale.

This game officially opens global registration through their official site. For those of you who want to pre-register for this one game, you can register through the official website Attack on Titans Tactics Global version here.

For those of you who have played Clash Royale, it seems that you will be familiar with the gameplay that will be offered by Attack on Titans Tactis, because you are required to defend the base by summoning the hero on the deck that you have chosen before.

attack on titan tactics gameplay

Attack on Titans Tactics not only adopts the gameplay of the Supercell game, seen from the trailer released by DeNA, it looks like this one game focuses more on story mode with single player mode.

Based on the trailer above, the player will be taken on a mission and will be confronted with titans who try to destroy the base, your deck consists of characters from Attack on Titan anime like Levi, Mikasa, wire cannon, Titan Eren, etc.

attack on titan tactics

At the beginning of the game’s release there will be 38 characters who share unique abilities and skills, including Eren, and Annie who can turn into Titan!

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