Basketrio Will Be Released On November 18th On GooglePlay & AppStore

Basketrio is the newest basketball mobile sports game with hip-hop, streetball, and trendy styles, which will be released on November 18th. Players who pre-register have reached 600 thousand globally, and various kinds of prizes have been opened. Become a Basketrio player and pre-register to receive various items and extra resources before the mobile game is officially released!

Basketrio presents a comprehensive development system for each character in the game. In addition to the ranking system that increases basic stats, such as block, run, grab, pass, etc. There are also various skill sets and tricks for players to unlock. Players can play with versatile skills, such as fadeaway shots to avoid blocks or pushes followed by crossovers to the ring. Not only that, players can also develop tricks with "Insane Spin Dunk", "Under the Legs Layup", or "Jelly Layup". This trick will increase the player's credibility. basketrio a

Most importantly in this mobile basketball game, there is a Drive Assist feature that allows players to equip skills to do quick combos. By holding down the top, bottom, right, or left of the drive button, players can perform 4 to 10 combo sets!

This combo of skill sets can be very important for players to dominate the match. Therefore, practicing these skills and combos alone in training mode is the key to becoming a better player.

Basketrio is now available for pre-registration on GooglePlay and AppStore. Get a variety of exclusive items by pre-registering today!

Pre-registration click HERE


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