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Battle Night Idle RPG Game CyberPunk Themed Has Been Released

Feelingtouch has officially announced the release of their latest mobile game entitled Battle Night. Players who are interested in this mobile game can now download it from the local AppStore or GooglePlay.

Battle Night is set in 2098, the end of the world is near, the great alliances of the world are in a great cold war with each other, and neon lights flash around the city borders under a dense fog, but the people in the city are still unaware of the situation. This city is one that lives outside the law, and away from all nations, and is gradually becoming a battleground for all camps. The conflict between advanced technology and decades of civilization has become an irreversible conflict, and Cyberpunk has finally opened its curtains after a long night.

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Battle Night is an idle RPG Hero Collection mobile game with the theme of the Cyberpunk world. Players can form parties of up to 6 heroes and fight enemies automatically with their idle system.

This mobile game is set in a futuristic fantasy world with dazzling night views and luxurious weaponry. However, some of the characters do look like medieval heroes as players can see in most fantasy games.

There are various kinds of interesting content that players can explore, so if you are a fan of mobile RPG games you should try playing this game right now!

Publisher: Feelingtouch

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

Battle Night Store Trailer 3无弹窗


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