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Become the Esports Team Manager in the RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager Game

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a famous Esports Manager? The publisher of META Games has officially announced his latest management simulation mobile game, entitled RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager. Players who are interested in this mobile game can now download it on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager is a management simulation genre mobile game, players will act as the Manager of a popular Esports team. The player’s job is to recruit pro-players, develop team game strategies, and train pro-players to become the next Esports Champion.

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Becoming an esports manager is one of the professions in today’s world of work. If players want to experience what it’s like to be a manager on an esports team, players should try playing this game. In this game, players can manage an esports team like a real manager. Players can manage pro-players like pro-player transfers or train pro-players so that the player team can win a tournament.

Throughout the in-game storyline, players need to set various strategies, such as getting sponsorship deals, hiring skilled coaching staff, and building their own team gaming house. Apart from the managerial aspects of the game, players can also see how the team plays through a simple match simulation.

Publisher: META Games

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager - Store Video


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