Finally Black Dessert Mobile Global Phase Pre-Registration

You who are fans of the game MMORPG may already be familiar with the game called BDO or Black Desert Online .

This game have the MMORPG genre is very popular on the PC in 2017 ago.

Black dessert mobile globlal pre register

Even now, there are still many loyal players with created by game developers Pearl Abyss.

Now, finally the game Black Desert Online created a mobile version, for Android and iOS.

Black dessert mobile globlal pre register

With the name Black Desert Mobile, the graphics quality of this game is not inferior than the PC version.

As already known, the Black Desert Online game is well known for being called a MMORPG with the most excellent graphics.

Black dessert global mobile

After waiting until well into July, finally Black Desert Mobile open phase global Pre-Registration!

Pre-registration also you can do through the game's official website Black Desert Mobile, here .

Yep, for you fans of MMORPG course you must play this game.

Watch a recent snapshot of the Black Desert Mobile below.

Black Desert MOBILE Official Gameplay Trailer
Watch this video on YouTube.

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