Bless Eternal Mobile Will Release Globally

In 2019, Neowiz announced an MMORPG game that they are currently developing, entitled Ember Storm and is part of IP Bless Online. The game was developed using Unreal Engine 4 and has very stunning graphics. Ember Storm has now been released in China some time ago with Longtu Game. Turns out that’s not all, Ember Storm has another title for global release, the game is called Bless Eternal Mobile.

When compared to Bless Mobile which was released a while ago on Mobile, there are not so many differences in this game other than a different Storyline. Bless Eternal Mobile looks like the original version on PC, with various Quests, Dialogue, PVE, PVP and cosmetic items, including Mounts and Pets.

Bless Online is an MMORPG that was released on Steam and received a negative response by players due to technical problems experienced by the game. This game has finally been taken down from Steam.

Bless Eternal Mobile Will Release Globally

But it turns out that Neowiz still hasn’t given up, Neowiz is now releasing Bless Unleashed with Unreal Engine 4 graphics and a MultiPlatform release. They seem to learn from the mistakes in the game Bless Online and fix various mistakes in Bless Unleashed. But just like the previous game, this game received a negative response from the players.

For now, Longtu Game is looking for a partner for the global release of Bless Eternal Mobile. But if you look at the decrease in the number of Bless Unleashed players that have been released some time ago, it seems that it will be a little difficult to find a publisher who wants to release this game to the global market. Hopefully Bless Eternal Mobile doesn’t have the same fate as other Bless games.

More information about Bless Eternal Mobile and pre-registration CLICK HERE


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