Blue Archive Global version has been officially released!

Nexon has now released a Global Server for their new RPG game, Blue Archive. The game is developed by a consolidated subsidiary of Nexon, NAT GAMES Co., Ltd. As a new title, Blue Archive is now available on Android and iOS platforms. Previously, more than 1 million players had pre-registered for Blue Archive worldwide!

Blue Archive tells the story of a group of schoolgirls who go on an adventure with romance, school clubs, academic events, and matches with rival schools.

Blue Archive Global version released

Players in this game will take on the role of teachers and guide students as they investigate incidents across the city. Previously this game was released for the Japanese server, which was the first version of the Blue Archive which was officially released, now the Global version is also available for download.

Download: Appstore or Googleplay

Blue Archive Global server debut trailer


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