Brave Frontier ReXONA Under Development Will Release This Year

Alim has officially announced a new title for the successful Brave Frontier game series. This new mobile game titled Brave Frontier ReXONA is planned for release in the summer of 2021 for the Japanese region.

Brave Frontier ReXONA is set in a world that takes place after the events of Brave Frontier II. Guided by the Goddess, Summoners are assigned to explore the depths of different dungeons.

Unlike previous games, BFR is no longer a game with a tap battle type game, players will be asked to explore dungeons and overcome maze obstacles. This mobile game will have 40 heroes for players to summon upon release, each hero having unique skills and abilities.

Brave frontier rexona

In terms of combat, this mobile game seems to be a combination of the mechanics of the Action RPG + Tap Battle genre. It looks like there will be a lot of amazing skills that can be used and players can see the damage meter all over the screen. Whatever is in this game, believes this is something you have never played before.

As previously mentioned, the focus of this game is Dungeon exploration so there will be mazes and puzzles to solve, traps to avoid and monsters to fight.

The last information, in this game there is also a housing system. Players can collect all kinds of furniture by means of battles and decorate the house the way they want.

Brave Frontier ReXONA is planned to be released this Summer 2021 in the Japanese region, and if you look at the previous series this game will most likely also be released globally!

For more information please visit the official website at the link HERE.


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