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BTS Universe Story Is Slated For Released On September 24th

Netmarble has officially announced that their latest game titled BTS Universe Story, which is an interactive social mobile game adapted based on the world’s superstar, yep BTS, will be released on September 24.

This interactive social mobile game provides an opportunity for players to participate directly in the creation and development of stories in the game, and to make choices that can lead to different story ends according to the decisions chosen by the player. With various stories adapted from the BTS Universe, BTS Universe Story provides players with a “Create Story” mode, so that players can easily create their own stories using in-game production tools. Apart from that, players can also make choices in pre-existing stories to form a new storyline in “View Story” mode.

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Players can also collect Outfits and various accessories to make the appearance of the BTS Universe characters even more attractive and take AR photos with the characters they have created through the “Collection” feature available in the game.

Coinciding with the release date announcement, the “BTS Daily Photocard Event” is now available, giving players a more detailed look at the BTS Universe Story. This event is available on the official BTS Universe Story website until September 17 and players have the opportunity to get a photo card of the BTS Universe character that is updated every day. After getting a photocard, players can save or share it with other players. So don’t forget to download the BTS Universe Story game when it’s released.

Source: Netmarble Press Release


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