Calice new Rythm game pre-registration

Calice, the new Rythm game started the pre-registration campaign!

Ra:8bit Studio has officially announced their campaign about the pre-registration event for their new mobile game which will be released soon called CaliceThis Rhythm game is planned to be released on January 21, 2022.

Calice is a mobile game with a new rhythm genre created by a team of 3-man from Ra:8bit Studio, which at first glance, the gameplay in it looks quite simple and interesting with the existing rhythm challenges.

Calice new Rythm game pre-registration

The features that Calice has are Original Music that is very well made, then attractively made charts, as well as various kinds of background animations that are made and designed very attractively.

Pre-registration: Appstore or Googleplay

「Calice」 PV Trailer


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