Capcom Announces Will Make Rockman X Dive Mobile Version

A few days ago, Capcom as a very popular gamedeveloper announced that they would release a game Rockman X Dive (Megaman X Dive).

This game with the name Rockman X DiVE will be developed for Mobile version (Android and iOS). However, this game will only be presented to certain countries, including MacauTaiwan and Hong Kong with Chinese texts.

Capcom also released a glimpse of footage of the trailer for Rockman X Dive mobile, which provides little information regarding the UI and Gameplay that is presented.

You can be seen in

the trailer above, this game will use a platformer system, you as a player can use Mega Man, and Zero to kill enemies.

There are various skills that can be used, and of course each character is used using different skills.

Until now, there has been no confirmation from Capcom regarding the release date, and whether there will be a global version.

Rockman X Dive gameplay

You can check official Facebook account for the latest information and updates from this Rockman X Dive game.

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