Catalyst Black Super Evil Megacorp New Game Opens Early Access

Super Evil Megacorp recently announced the recruitment of Early Access players for their latest mobile game which will be released soon, Yep this mobile game is titled Catalyst Black. Players who are interested in joining the early access event can register via the official Discord.

Vainglory players are definitely waiting for a new surprise from the Super Evil Megacorp developer. Catalyst Black is a mobile game that features team-based drop-in field gameplay (perhaps a new MOBA gameplay) designed to set a new genre standard for mobile games. Explore different game modes, a wide variety of fantastic weapons and ancient masks that can turn the player into the ultimate god from another realm. catalyst black game

To join an early access server, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Join the official Discord for Catalyst Black at
  • Open direct message with official bot (Catalyst Black # 1323)
  • Type the command  !Secretervice
  • You will be asked to provide your personal data information, such as an email address
  • At this step, you only need to wait until you get further notifications

For more information about the early access event player recruitment process, please visit the Official Website, click HERE

Catalyst Black - Early Access Trailer


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