Cave Shooter, Popular Idle Game Starts Pre-register Event

The most popular mobile idle game of 2021, Cave Shooter, will be releasing globally soon! Are you ready to hunt and save the tribe with your friends? The popular idle game Cave Shooter is coming out soon and the pre-registration campaign event has started! 7 levels of incredible pre-registration milestone rewards will be awarded according to the number of registrants and currently there are 1.5 million registrants who pre-register!

Cave Shooter is a casual mobile idle game that combines roguelike elements with idle feature gameplay. Players can shoot to clear stages and adventure easily with just one hand when filling their spare time. Random maps, skills, traps, and monsters make this game more challenging and full of strategy. Determine the combination of skills and weapons that will help players to survive in this primitive era. Upgrade a wide variety of powerful weapons and gear to create exclusive sets. And the most important thing in this game is the presence of adorable Dinosaurs, including the cool Triceratops, cute baby Pterosaurs, dashing Brachiosaurus, and many other kinds of pets waiting for the player’s command.

cave shooter pre registration pre register

Pre-registration Cave Shooter is currently available on iOS and Android platforms, and is set to release worldwide on August 31st. Click the download link below to participate in the pre-registration event and get ready to embark on a journey of adventure in adorable primitive times!

Cave Shooter Pre-Registration Milestone

  • 50k registrants: Revival Potion x1, Coin x1000
  • 100k registrants: Key of God Chest x1, Coin x2000
  • 200k registrants: G3 Gem Chest x2, Forgotten Heart x15, Coin x5000
  • 500k registrants: G3 Gem Chest x5, Forgotten Heart x35, Coin x10000
  • 1 million registrants: G3 Gem Chest x10, Fiery Sulfur x35, Coin x15000
  • 1.5 million registrants: G3 Gem Chest x15, Ancient Soul x20, Coin x20000
  • 2 million registrants: Neko Hunter x1, G3 Gem Chest x15, Ancient Soul x30, Coin x30000

Pre-register CLICK HERE

CAVE SHOOTER World Theme Song PV | Shooting Mobile Game Pre-register Underway!


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