Cells At Work! or Hataraku Saibo will be adapted into a mobile game

Being a popular anime that aired in 2018, Cells At Work! or Hataraku Saibo was informed that will get a new mobile game adaptation. The news of this anime mobile game was announced by the developer who will develop this project, yep NetEase.

On the official website of NetEase, an announcement has been published that on January 17th, NetEase will return to adapt the anime into a mobile game. After the players waited and were curious, NetEase finally announced that the anime Hataraku Saibo (Cells At Work!) Was selected.

Previously the anime Hataraku Saibo or Cells At Work! It has also been adapted into a mobile game by developer Aniplex Inc, but the mobile game failed to reach the target that fits the market. The mobile game which was released in 2019 has failed to meet the target in the local market, and also the global market, of course.

Cells At Work!  or Hataraku Saibo Will be a mobile game

As one of the successful developers in various genres of mobile games, especially online mobile games, NetEase is expected to bring this anime adaptation game to success in the local or global market. It is not clear how this mobile game will have the gameplay, because until now there has been no leak about the gameplay video and only the project announcement.

Many hope that this anime game project can be used as an online game, because NetEase is very good at working on anime online games like before.

So, let’s just wait for an update on this anime game project, if everything goes well then this project can be released at the end of 2021 or in early 2022. Hopefully the Cells At Work game! NetEase version can live up to expectations!

Source: NetEase Games


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