Clash Mini released googleplay appstore

Clash Mini has been released on Googleplay and Appstore (EU)

Supercell has just released some of their new games in Canada, Singapore, and several other European countries. One of them is a game called Clash Mini.

Clash Mini is a mobile game developed by Supercell with the Autochess genre. Not all Autochess games take about 15 minutes or more per match, Clash Mini only takes about 3 minutes per match.

In addition, players must form a deck that contains a collection of characters and player levels. Of course this is very different from Autochess games in general, because characters are usually generated randomly and levels are obtained during the match process.

Clash Mini released googleplay appstore

For now there are 2 game modes in Clash Mini, namely Rumble and Duel. In Rumble mode, 8 players will participate in a single battle league tournament which is divided into 2 groups. After that, the top 4 players will continue to play into the Semi Finals, then there will be one crown champion for the Rumble game.

Whereas in Duel mode, players will do 1VS1 battles, the first player to achieve 3 wins will win the game.

Although this Clash Mini game is less competitive and has simple graphics, it looks like a casual game like this is really suitable for COC and Clash Royale fans.

Publisher: Supercell

Download: Googleplay or Appstore

Clash Mini: Beta is now live! [Cinematic Trailer]


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