Clash of Beasts Tower Defense ubisoft released

Clash of Beasts, the exciting Tower Defense game has been released!

Currently, there are many Tower Defense genre games released on iOS and Android platforms, but Clash of Beasts from Ubisoft seems to be a unique and different example because it presents a Mythological story in it, which is now available on Googleplay and Appstore.

In case you didn’t already know, the unconventional strategy in this Tower Defense game requires players to play as mercenaries with the Spark Beastmaster, a unique ability that can command titanic beasts in battle.

Gameplay in Clash of Beasts requires players to Summon monsters/titans with Soulstones, propel them into some of the most spectacular battles, and use the rewards earned to upgrade the titans and Summons even more.

There are 65 different monsters that players can collect, some of which require several Soulstones. Each monster has unique Spells and Skills, and each has one of five color-coded affinities and belongs to one of the 4 Classes, giving players countless tactical and strategic considerations to try and play with.

Clash of Beasts Tower Defense ubisoft released

Battles in this game have many modes, including PvP, PvE, Kingdom War, and Clan War. And each mode is fully interactive, unlike in typical Gacha games. In order to control the beasts, players had to lead them around with their fingers.

Of course, there is another side to Clash of Beasts. When the player is not attacking the enemy’s fortress, the player must defend his own fortress. This game has a variety of Effects, ranging from shooting projectiles directly to eliminating the effects of poison. In addition, the Tower in this game has similarities like creatures, meaning that players get certain effects by combining them in a certain way.

Clash of Beasts is an interesting mobile game, combining offensive and defensive gameplay, deep strategy and tactics, and titanic monsters present in it, this is definitely a good Tower Defense game. Download this game before January 24, 2022 to make sure you get the Exclusive Avatar and 150 Soul Shards for free.

Download: Googleplay or Appstore

Clash of Beasts Official Launch Trailer


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