Code Geass: Genesic Re;CODE Has Officially Released

Sunrise has officially announced the release of their latest mobile game entitled Code Geass: Genesic Re;CODE. Players who are interested in this game can now download this mobile game on the Japanese AppStore or GooglePlay.

Code Geass: Genesic Re;CODE is a mobile game genre RPG Hero-Collection and is the official sequel to the series Code Geass. This mobile game features an original storyline from leading writers, Goro Taniguchi and Ichirō kouch.

This mobile game has Auto-Battler Side-Scroller gameplay with Chibi character models and stunning skills. Players can also cast character skills by tapping their portraits.

Code Geass Genesic Re CODE

There are two main game modes in this mobile RPG game, namely Story Battle and Abyss Simulation. As the name suggests, Story Battle will be a mode with the game’s main story plot, where players will adventure with many iconic characters from the Code Geass series.

The Abyss Simulation mode is similar to the typical strategy gameplay of mobile games, where players must explore and complete various missions across the Map.

Publisher: Hakuhodo DY media partner Inc.

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore



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