Counter Side Game Gacha-RPG Will Be Released In SEA Region

Nexon first released a mobile game with a gacha system and an RPG genre entitled Counter Side for the South Korean region in 2020. After its release, this mobile RPG game continues to grow and seek opportunities in the SEA region.

Yep, the SEA Region was chosen to be the next one for the release of this game, Counter Side will open the CBT server soon. However, unlike the South Korean version, for the SEA region, this mobile game will be released through a publisher called ZlongGames. For players who don’t know the publisher, the Langrisser and Laplace M games are the two games that are owned by ZlongGames as publishers.

The gameplay presented by the Counter: Side game may look unique to players, but if you pay close attention it turns out that this game is similar to other RPG games. There are not many new or different things in this game, for players who often play mobile RPG games, they will immediately understand how to play this Counter: Side game. counter side cbt sea region

Players will make the foundation of a team before doing battle, like the one in the card battle game, Hearthstone. During the game, players must find and determine which strategy is most suitable to defeat the enemy team.

players will summons various characters based on the energy cost and skills of each character. Another example that might be explained more easily is that the mechanism is similar to the game from Supercell, Clash Royale, except that the characters here are obtained using the gacha system.

This mobile RPG game has now started pre-register registration on GooglePlay for Android players and you can also visit the official website. This CBT phase only applies to players from the SEA region.

Pre-register: GooglePlay or OfficialWebSite


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