Counterside Has Opened Pre-Registration Phase

Nexon has officially announced that pre-register phase has begun for a new RPG mobile game titled Counterside, for the South Korean region. Developed by Studio Bside, Counter Side is an RPG mobile game that is described as having an “urban fantasy” setting with players who use Anime 2D characters to form teams.

The story in this game tells the story of a battle between the “real” world known as the “Normal Side” and the opposite world called “The Counter Side.”

counterside character

There are 3 main characters announced so far, which FajarYusuf.Com is pretty sure the players can combine the 3 characters to form a team.

FajarYusuf.Com is not really sure what role each main character has in the game. There is currently no news for Counterside’s official release date in South Korea, or whether there will be a release for the global version. Subscribe to FajarYusuf.Com for more information!

Pre Register HERE.

Counterside (KR) - Korean pre-registration trailer
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