Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension is set for release in 2022

At the LINE Games Play Game 2021 (LPG2021) event, Line Games announced their new game that will be available for PC, console, mobile, cross-platform platforms. For the mobile version, Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension is planned to be released in 2022.

Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension is a mobile RPG-adventure game developed by Netmarble F&C. This game is a sequel to the mobile RPG game Crystal Hearts (2016), and has made improvements in various aspects, such as story, art, and an enhanced appearance with high-end 3D graphics. Crystal Hearts 2 will reveal an exciting adventure that takes place in the world of Arkan, accompanied by strategic content that is rich and diverse for players to dive into.

Crystal heart 2 compass of dimension

The plot of the sequel to this game takes the next 20 years and tells about a new hero. Like the previous series, players must complete the stage level with a party of four characters that players can collect and upgrade. There is also a cooperative mode that allows players to pass through dungeons and raids with other players.

Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension is currently being developed by Netmarble F&C, which is famous for games such as The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and Blade & Soul: Revolution. The global release is planned to take place in 2022 for the iOS and Android platforms.

Crystal Hearts 2 : Compass of dimension || coming soon || are you exicted ??

Sumber: YouTube and Line Games


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