Cubic Clash

Cubic Clash Has Released Globally, Strategy-Towerdefense Game

Boltrend Games has officially announced the release of their new mobile game entitled Cubic Clash. Players who are interested in this mobile game can now download it from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Cubic Clash is a very unique real-time Strategy-Towerdefense PVP mobile game. Players will choose various cubes and match the strongest combination to destroy the enemy. Create powerful decks, fight and win various prizes.

Cubic Clash

Cubic Clash in-game features

  • Fast Battles : Fast paced synchronous battles. Asymmetric knowledge between players. Correct timing and placement of cubes is the key to victory
  • Countless Combinations : Create and enhance collections of cubes along with their rarity and type. Create the ultimate battle deck to defeat the enemy
  • Multiple Game Modes : Playervsplayer (PVP), Versus: Only one player will survive, Super Skirmish: player has super powers that can change the outcome of the match. Playervsenvironment (PVE), Guardian Realm: players can use Guardians in matches, Co-Op: Play with friends and survive the longest.

Publisher: Boltrend Games

Download: AppStore or GooglePlay

Cubic Clash: Tower Defense PVP Game - Official Trailer


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