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Danganronpa 2 Has Been Officially Released For Mobile Platform

Danganronpa is an MMORPG game franchise that is well known by many players, this franchise has been present on various platforms, and now Spike Chunsoft as a developer will also bring the game franchise to the mobile platform, yap entitled Danganronpa 2.

Informed through the Spike Chunsoft Twitter account, Danganronpa 2 is available for download and play on mobile platforms released on the AppStore and GooglePlay. The presence of this mobile game is definitely eagerly awaited by the players. With the mobile version of Danganronpa 2, players can play the game anytime and anywhere.

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Previously, Spike Chunsoft also officially released the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which was released some time ago on the mobile platform. Both of these mobile games are priced at around $19.

Given the success of this game in the mobile market, it is likely that Spike Chunsoft will continue releasing other games from the Danganronpa franchise on the mobile platform, but to be able to fulfill this hope, of course, players must support the developer by buying the original game so they can be interested in releasing a continuation of the series. future mobile game franchise.

Source: Twitter Spike Chunsoft


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