Magic ManaStrike

Here’s the Detail Gameplay Card Game Real-Time Magic: ManaStrike

Netmarble Corp today announced the gameplay details of the game Magic: ManaStrike, this game is the first game for the popular Wizards of the Coast franchise, Magic: The Gathering.

Developed exclusively under license by Netmarble Monster (EvilBane), Magic: ManaStrike is a real-time online card battle game that presents fans’ favorite spells and iconic planeswalkers like Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren and others.

Easy to play but difficult to master, Magic: ManaStrike presents simple, tactical, and strategic gameplay through a user-friendly user interface. Gameplay will focus on specific strategies between opponents in intense real-time Player v Player (PvP) matches.

Players can experience the game Magic: The Gathering’s spells in the game, and the original character of the many Gathering spells will be presented with amazing visuals in high-quality 3D graphics, all in the palm of the hand.

Players will start with detailed tutorials that guide them through the initial stages. After choosing a pre-made deck of cards from one of the five Magic colors White, Blue, Black, Red or Green.

Players will fight other players, great tactics and fast-paced games will master the match. The player will collect new cards and improve units to suit his own style of play and strategy.

More details, including the first appearance of gameplay for Magic: ManaStrike will be officially revealed at this year’s G-Star exhibition in Busan, South Korea, which will be held on November 14-17.

Magic: ManaStrike - Debut game trailer (English)
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