Com2us Provides Detailed Information About Summoners War: Chronicles

At the Gamescom 2021 event, Com2uS published a video interview with the developers of their new game entitled Summoners War: Chronicles. Com2uS shows a bit of gameplay footage in the video, as well as a 2022 release date.

In addition to gameplay footage, in the video interview, Eun-Jae Lee, who is the head of development for this mobile MMORPG game, introduced the latest information about the game and the features they developed, including content, characters, and the process of developing the story of the mobile game.

In particular, in this new title , featuring the appearance of monsters and Summoners adapted based on the IP Summoners War, including Orbia, Kinda and Cleaf, they become the main roles in the story of this Chronicles series. Currently the Summoners War game series already has a very large fanbase around the world.

summoners war chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicle was developed for players to enjoy new adventures and fight using monsters in the Summoners War universe and with MMORPG gameplay.

Players can also enjoy the fun of fighting strategically, when fighting with friends or against monsters in various situations. And players can also solve puzzles and pass traps in the dungeon.

Although the release date has not been announced, Summoners War: Chronicles is planned to be released in 2022 cross-platform for iOS, Android, and PC platforms. At this time there is still no further information about whether this game will only be released for Korea or will be released globally, but if you look at the Com2uS games that are always released globally, 2022 is most likely a global release for this mobile MMORPG game.

[Summoners War: Chronicles] Latest News on the First-Ever Summoners War MMORPG!



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