differences between pubg new state and pubg mobile

Differences between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile

PUBG New State was officially released by Krafton on Thursday last week and has become one of the most popular games among gamers, especially for fans of the Battleroyale game. This game has stunning visuals that are almost on par with PC games because it uses a technology called Global Illumination.

Not only that, PUBG New State also has a more complex and futuristic gameplay because it is set in 2051. But is it? differences between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile? Yep, in this article, Fajaryusufdotcom will tell you about the differences between the two PUBG games.

4 Differences PUBG New State & PUBG Mobile

1. PUBG New State is more futuristic than PUBG Mobile

By using Global Illumination technology, PUBG New State has visuals that are more pleasing to the eye. Not only visuals, the content and features in it also look more futuristic because PUBG New State has a background in 2051.

Because it is set in 2051, players will find a variety of weapons, vehicles, and futuristic buildings. Some of the existing weapons are also almost the same as those in the PUBG Mobile title, such as QBZ, Win 94, QBU, Groza, M16A4, and others, but with a more modern touch.

While on vehicles, players will not find anything similar to the PUBG Mobile title, because in PUBG New State all vehicles will look much different like cars from the future with battery power, there is also a Tram that moves to certain places.

The buildings in this game also look more futuristic, such as the abandoned Mall but has an elevator that is still functioning, to the Laboratory which offers intense battles in the middle of the corridor.

differences between pubg new state and pubg mobile

2. PUBG New State is more complex than PUBG Mobile

With a variety of futuristic things, the gameplay that is presented also becomes much more complex. Like the drone feature that can expand the players’ vision, so players can look for enemies even if they are in the house.

In addition there are also additional features such as vehicle doors that can be removed to be used as additional shields, and can carry a number of additional equipment if the bag is not enough to accommodate.

Not only that, players can also find Shields that are used to protect themselves from enemy fire. There are two types of shields present, the usual and the wide ones.

In the PUBG New State game there is also a Tram that is present to make the gameplay rotation different, because the Tram can transport players and cannot be destroyed. That way, players who ride the Tram to rotate, no longer have to worry about being blown up by their enemies.

In PUBG New State, players can also revive dead friends with Greenflare, then they can also make enemies as friends instead of other friends.

3. PUBG New State file size is smaller than PUBG Mobile

Because PUBG New State has just been released, the content in it is still not as much as in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, the files needed are also not too many and different from PUBG Mobile which already has a lot of files because of the variety of files. PUBG Mobile currently requires 8GB of memory space , while PUBG New State only requires 2GB .

However, the PUBG New State file size will continue to grow later when there are additional content updates provided by Krafton as the developer of this game.

4. PUBG Mobile has more player communities than PUBG New State

Although the visuals and gameplay of PUBG New State are more complex and realistic, the player community in PUBG Mobile is more numerous than PUBG New State. This is basically because PUBG New State is still a new game.

Currently, PUBG New State has not been able to reach as many communities as PUBG Mobile, because the game market is for players who use smartphones with higher mid-end specs. Many players also don’t want to move to PUBG New State, because they have spent a lot of money to buy item content in the PUBG Mobile game.


Yep, those are some of the differences between PUBG New State & PUBG Mobile. The core information that we can take is that PUBG New State has a setting in 2051, which means many new features such as Trams and Drones, besides that there is a new Greenflare feature and makes enemies as teammates.

PUBG: NEW STATE | Launch Trailer


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