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Disney Is Developing A New Mobile Sport Game, Star Smash

Last week, Disney and a game developer from Japan reported that they are currently developing a new mobile game called Star Smash. This single / co-op 4 player mobile game combines the sport genre with cute and interesting Disney characters that are sure to be good news for mobile game players.

Just like tennis or pinball games, players must hit the ball that bounces towards the enemy to defeat them. There will be combos that are calculated, as well as missions that must be done to win the game in this Disney Star Smash mobile game. Not only that, to help complete these missions, players can use well-known Disney characters in the story to use their powers.

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Disney Star Smash will be released for Android and iOS. However, the mobile game is still rumored to be released only in Japan, and there is no latest information regarding its global release. But fajaryusufdotcom will always provide more information related to this Star Smash mobile game. If you are interested in this mobile game, please wait here at fajaryusuf.com!

Source: MMO Culture YouTube

Disney's Star Smash (JP) - Official gameplay trailer


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