Doctor Who Mobile announced by East Side Games

Doctor Who Mobile announced by East Side Games

East Side Games Group in collaboration with BBC Studios has just announced a new Doctor Who game that will be released for Mobile devices. The game, which is set in the Whoniverse, will be a mobile game of the Narrative Idle Adventure genre that can be played for free.

This Doctor Who Mobile game will be the first in the popular idle IP genre. This game will not only make Whoniverse more immersive for fans of the franchise, but it will also let players dive into new and classic narratives and meet characters from that IP.

“Doctor Who has accompanied players’ imaginations for nearly 60 years and we are thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to bring this legendary franchise to Mobile. This deal with BBC Studios allows us to bring a truly iconic and globally acclaimed franchise to a fanbase from new fans to diehard fans and further strengthens our ‘Super Marquee’ game publishing portfolio.”

Darcy Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of ESGG

“We are excited to be working with the East Side Games Group to bring the new narrative-driven Doctor Who game to mobile devices. This new partnership will give players the opportunity to meet and collect iconic characters from across the Whoniverse, relive players’ favorite adventures, and defeat iconic foes as they try to save the Doctor in an exciting new story.”

Kevin Jorge, Senior Producer at BBC Studios

Few details for the new game have been revealed, but you can visit the official East Side Games Group website to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments for the Doctor Who Mobile game.

Source: East Side Games Blog


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