DokeV New MMO Game Developed By Pearl Abyss

One of the new MMO games announced by the creator of Black Desert Mobile, yep Pearl Abyss at G-Star 2019, DokeV game was initially considered a mobile game before it was officially announced that this game was made for consoles and PCs as the main platform.

dokev game

However, the mobile version is still being considered by the developer. Not many things were introduced about the DokeV gameplay, and many things the audience could interpret based on the trailer.

DokeV - Official Reveal Trailer | Pearl Abyss Connect 2019

It looks like there will be elements of monster gathering, like Pokemon and Yokai Watch, and also players who will form a team of 3 monsters. In addition, these monsters can only be seen with special glasses, which explain that they are like ghosts.

On closer inspection, player characters do not really take part in battles, but only summon monsters by using gadgets. So let’s look forward to the official gameplay details later, and don’t forget to subscribe FajarYusuf.Com so you don’t miss out on this game information!

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