Gameplay New Mobile Game Titled Doraemon Kart

If you are curious about Doraemon’s latest mobile game, this is the answer, most Chinese game developers have signed an official licensing contract to collaborate with the popular Anime & Manga, and that also happened recently for a mobile game titled Doraemon Kart.Developed by Nextjoy studio, which is less well known among mobile game developers but produces a pretty game, Doraemon Kart is a racing car game like CTR or Speed ​​Drifters, there is no new feature in this race car genre, but it is still a big award for Doraemon fans.
Doraemon Kart gameplay
In this game there are features in the form of: usual speed mode and item mode, various iconic characters (even Sewashi Nobi is also included), kart designs, costumes, and other content based on the Doraemon series.Doraemon Kart Gameplay Video:
Doraemon Kart Race 哆啦A梦飞车 Beta test Gameplay
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