Let's Download New RPG Games From Gamevil, ELUNE

Finally, Gamevil released its newest game, Elune, for global. From today, you can collect Hero and start exploring dimensions in the world in this game.

Before being released globally, Elune had previously only been released for Taiwan. Because of its success in Taiwan country, Gamevil then developed features and content in the game so that it could be released globally.

Elune is RPG game that allows you to be able to choose and collect heroes from different classes. The higher the character tier, the more impressive the skill effect will be. To be clearer, you can see the look of the gameplay in the following video:

[Elune] ตัวอย่างสกิลสวยๆ จาก Elune
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By collecting various heroes, you can form a team of five heroes. Yep, these five heroes will be tasked with exploring the dimensions in Elune. When exploring dimensions, you will get EXP and gear to strengthen the team.

The thing makes Elune special is the uniqueness of its character skills accompanied by stunning visual effects and amazing cutscenes. The hero presented, consists of Common hero class to Legendary hero.

The hero in this game is called Elune, like the game title. Not only that, this hero game is divided into five types based on their rarity, namely Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. After being divided based on scarcity, Heroes also have different roles ( Tanks, Healers, DPS, and other roles) and also have different races.

Besides various heroes, this game also comes with two modes, namely Challenge and Adventure. In Adventure, you will bring the elune team to fight inside the dungeon, explore the existing MAP, and get EXP and material that you can use to upgrade characters.

download elune gamevil

In addition, the Challenge mode is divided into four parts. You can defeat all the monsters that have sprung up on Dimension Rift, use your best strategy on Boss Battle, challenge other players in Heir Battle, and defeat the various powerful monsters on each floor of the Chaos Tower.

Let's Download Elune on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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