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Officially Released! Let’s Download Iron Saga Mobile Game

Game Duchy as the developer has officially announced that their mobile game concept is a mecha robot battle with a star-studded battle arena, Iron Saga is now available for download on Google Play and AppStore.

Presenting more than 500 mecha robots and pilots, Iron Saga provides smooth and dynamic gameplay with amazing track simulation and skill effects.

Iron Saga will invite players to go to a world of mecha battles, where a growing conflict requires a new era with the ace pilots that will emerge. Evil forces has emerged and wants to reignite the fires of battle and repeat the chaos of the past. It is human’s duty once again to choose their robot mecha and go to the sky to test their piloting skills while defeating enemies.

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In Iron Saga, players will have access to several game modes including Story, Gaiden and Challange modes that will make players fly solo or join teams and get regular bonuses by greeting teammates every day. Players will enjoy the Real-Time match in Iron Saga and will determine the mecha robot to be chosen.

To celebrate the release of this mobile game, Game Duchy has also announced a release event that will provide attractive prizes including free mecha robots, leveling prizes, and in-game gift boxes.

Publisher: Duchy Game

Download link: GooglePlay or AppStore

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