Let’s Play Minecraft Earth, Can Be Downloaded!

Sharp and stunning graphics are not the main attraction when playing Minecraft, Minecraft has become a game that is quite popular today, although it has a checkered graphics style, but the gameplay it presents makes gamers feel comfortable to linger when playing Minecraft games.

Seeing the potential of Minecraft and the mobile gaming market which is quite large, it looks like Mojang will not waste the opportunity to create an AR version of mobile game Minecraft. Yep this game is Minecraft Earth, a Minecraft game for mobile that has AR concepts like Pokemon GO. The game has been released in several countries, unfortunately for some countries not included. However, you can still download via QooApp for Android users.

Minecraft Earth gameplay

Although not much is explained about the game, Minecraft Earth has conducted a phase beta test held in five countries over the summer. The test went well, and now continues to the early access stage which pre-registration has started for Android on Google Play.

Can Minecraft Earth continue the success of original Minecraft?. When talking about Pokemon GO and Ingress as the pioneers of the Augmented Reality game, the AR game only boomed at the beginning of the release, although now there are still many who play it in other countries. Or maybe we can look at Jurassic World which is far from success. Hopefully Minecraft Earth can bring surprises to the mobile market for AR games.

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